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20gr Heroin #4 (Pure Uncut China White/ No. 4 Heroin) Best Pharma Grade

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We do sell No.4 Grade Heroin (China White/ Heroin #4) pharmaceutical grade, assay 98.9%+ purity. The Heroin we offer comes directly from the importer with no middle man. Our #4 Heroin is white/light beige in color and we take great pride in the fact that we do not cut our #4 Heroin product whatsoever and we ensure that our source does not do so either!
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Buy 20gr SW Asian #4 Heroin (No.4 Grade Heroin), +98% Pure Uncut & Injectable

We retail Asian Pure Uncut No.4 grade Heroin at +98% Purity (best grade of HEROIN). This is the PUREST form of Heroin available online, It is white/light beige in color and not cut, having repeat customers as long term business with main and consistent aim so we would much prefer to offer a high-quality #4 Heroin to gain more customers.

Our No.4 grade Heroin has its own unique qualities. It has been heavily purified and then cut with odorless cuts to produce pure Heroin (China White/No. 4 Heroin) with nice and clean consistency. Heroin (China White/No. 4 Heroin) is a pharmaceutical grade which the purest available without any vinegar smell.

This No.4 Grade Heroin comes as a  white powder. It is
- Much more pure,
- Easily dissolved in water (water soluble)
- Readily injected.

This is the most desirable among IV users and people who sniff whereas, #3 is for people who prefer to smoke it. This #4 Heroin can be smoked as well (usually by adding caffeine or another adulterant to make it burn slower making it the best grade/ form of Heroin ever to sold).

We import directly from the source (factory),  we do not cut our product whatsoever and we ensure that our source does not do so either! We always guarantee a quality Heroin (China White/No. 4 Heroin) - over 98.99% purity.

We value the quality and purity of our No.4 grade Heroin, that is why have earn the reputation as internet most reputable and trusted wholesaler and retailer of Heroin (China White/No. 4 Heroin)
- We have built and maintain our superb reputation by offering our customers a pleasant & professional shopping experience, excellent quality Heroin (China White/No. 4 Heroin) with FREE delivery and friendly customer support.

We also wholesale Heroin (China White/No. 4 Heroin) at very low price, contact us for more details. When you buy Heroin (China White/No. 4 Heroin) from us you are guaranteed of the highest quality available on the market, high purity, very fast, secure and discreet payment plus a very fast safe discreet overnight delivery etc. Contact us anytime and buy at wholesale price or retail price.

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Monday, 14 October 2019
Good quality stuff.
Everything came in. A little wait on express shipping but product took up for that. THANKS
Marcelino Alvarez
Sunday, 23 July 2017
Great Purity and Quality. Keep up with the good work

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