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100 Pills x Orange Tesla 270mg+ XTC PILL (Pure Uncut Dutch MDMA)

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We internet no. 1 international bulk supplier for the highest quality XTC pills and MDMA crystals including Orange Teslar 270mg+ XTC PILL (Pure Uncut Dutch MDMA)! Unlike many other vendors, We have gained a comprehensive experience hundreds of bulk packs all over the world. We know what works and what doesn't, but of course, there's always a risk. Mutual trust is a prerequisite for a successful business relationship, which is why we offer a one-time 100% refund/reshipper pack. It's unlikely to happen, but it's one of the keystones of our philosophy.
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Buy 100 Pills x Orange Tesla 250mg+ XTC PILL (Pure Uncut Dutch MDMA)

We do retail and wholesale Orange Tesla 270mg+ XTC PILL (Pure Uncut Dutch MDMA) and many other XTC PILL (Pure Dutch MDMA). The brightly colored, triangular Orange Tesla pills are dosed at 270mg Dutch MDMA and are the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate thrill. Easy to break in half these pills deliver a strong and energetic rush perfect for a night with friends or a party at the club.

★ PRODUCT: 100 Pill x Orange Tesla 270mg+ XTC PILL (Pure Dutch MDMA)
★ COLOR: Orange
★ IMPRINT: Tesla
★ ORIGIN: XTC labs in the Netherlands
★ PURITY: 270mg+ Pure Uncut MDMA/pill
★ PRESS: 1st super solid pressed etc'
★ INFO AND QUALITY: All XTC pills of the Orange Tesla brand contains genuinely 270mg+ Pure Uncut Dutch MDMA, NETTO Lab-Tested in underground Dutch Laboratories and made with perfection, 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed with each and every pill we offer.

★ EFFECTS: After taking XTC your brains reacts to it and releases a good and pleasant feeling, you will feel high and buzzed up excellent for going to the club and parties!

★ STEALTH PACKAGING: We upgraded our stealth methods. We now use TOP NOTCH stealth. What does this mean?
- Vacuum sealed thick plastic
- An extra layer of MYLAR seal
- Decoy
- Address label + return address label
- Priority shipping

★ SHIPPING: All orders are ship and delivery Discreetly overnight with Tracking, Very Fast, Secure, no signature needed. The envelope will be delivered in your mailbox. We do offer 100% reshipping if don´t arrive, or arrive damaged, stolen, missing or seized etc this is only available with orders ship only via our courier partners i.e DHL, TNT or FedEx.

Years of trial and error have provided us with an encompassing knowledge of international shipping procedures, customs tactics and what to look out for shipping bulk product overseas. Multiple layers of high-quality mylar bags, moisture barrier bags (MBBs) and a stealth method so inconspicuous that you could open the pack in front of your family without arising suspicion. We got it all! Professional business-style packaging with multiple security features guarantees a trouble-free clearance and fast shipping times. Track your pack at any time with the tracking code that is provided to you 24 hours after we dispatch your product. By the way: deploy an anonymous drop that is not connected to you in any way. This is very important especially for international bulk shipments. We'll take care of the rest and ship you a clean, canine-proof box full of the highest quality product you will ever find.
Sunday, 13 October 2019
A1 product. Highly recommended for anyone in the market. Thanks a lot- expect I’ll be back.
cindy brawner
Tuesday, 16 April 2019
As usual, my order was shipped and delivered very quickly. It is always very high-quality stuff from this vendor but I think this batch of punisher 250mg xtc might be the best I have ever had.

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