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20gr Brown Heroin (Dark Uncut No.3 Grade Heroin), 99.8% Pure/High Purity (Lab Tested)

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We are offering Brown Heroin (Uncut No.3 Grade Heroin), 99.8% Pure/High Quality (Lab Tested). Free Stealth discreet packaging and overnight shipping/ Shipping is associated with every order.
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Buy 30gr Brown Heroin (Uncut No.3 Grade Heroin), 99.8% Pure/High Quality (Lab Tested)

We do sell Uncut Brown Heroin (No.3 Grade Heroin), 98.9% Pure, High Quality - Lab Tested. This is very strong and comes straight from break imported from Afghanistan and Mexico and  (Genuine High-Quality Afghan, caution very strong).

We're a reliable source to order your Premium Quality No.3 Grade Heroin. This is tan-colored in color & granular often referred to as ˜brown rock. We guarantee a quality and purity Afghan Heroin, we take great pride in the fact that we do not cut our product whatsoever and we ensure that our source does not do so either! We would much prefer to offer high-quality Afghan Heroin and have repeat customers

We recommend taking our No.3 grade by heating it and taking the vapors inhaled. It can also be injected but it has to be dissolved in citrus instead of water.
Shipping is included in the price shown above. You only pay for shipping once when you order multiple pieces of a single product or other products from the same vendor within an hour.

Refund policy :
We do refund in some cases if can be proven in case of seizure, our team is very professional at what they do that we are 99% sure of our business and make sure your package will arrive safely.
We have an unlimited quantity of all our products.
Track and Trace:
We only provide track and trace for big orders above 500gram, track and trace can be very risky - we only provide track and trace to our loyal customers.
Stealth :
Our stealth is hand made and packed with love.
We can guarantee 99% that you're package will arrive.
Security :
Once your order has been shipped, we remove the address.
We do not safe addresses,
Wednesday, 26 July 2017
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