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100gr 3-MMC (3-Mephedrone & 3-Methylmethcathinone) Crystalline Powder, ≥99.89% Purity, Lab Tested

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We have available in stock, the purest and high-quality 3-MMC (3-Mephedrone, 3-Methylmethcathinone) Crystals, ≥99.89% Purity, Lab Tested. Our 3-MMC has its own unique qualities. We import directly from the factory so we can guarantee a quality 3-MMC Crystal - well over 99.89% purity.
500.00 $

Buy 100gr 3-MMC (3-Mephedrone, 3-Methylmethcathinone), ≥99.89% Purity.

We're one of internet most renowned (reputable and trusted) of the best grade/ quality 3-MMC (3-Mephedrone, 3-Methylmethcathinone) Crystal vendor imported straight from CHINA and distribued. This is the best Retailing of 3-MMC Crystal online - We have built our superb reputation by offering our customers a pleasant & professional shopping experience, excellent quality 3-MMC Crystal with FREE delivery and friendly customer support.

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3-MMC (3-Mephedrone, 3-Methylmethcathinone) is a psychoactive synthetic cathinone that has been identified in bath salts and powders. 3-MeMC (hydrochloride) is a potential major impurity in preparations of 4-MeMC. As an isomer of 4-MeMC, it is likely to have psychoactive properties and may itself be marketed as a designer drug. The physiological and toxicological properties of this compound have not been determined. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.

Synonyms: 3-Mephedrone, 3-Methylmethcathinone
Formal Name: 2- (methylamino)- 1- (3- methylphenyl)- 1- propanone, monohydrochloride
CAS Number: 1246816-62-5
Molecular Formula: C11H15NO • HCl
Formula Weight: 213.7
Formulation: A crystalline solid
Purity: ≥99.89%
λmax: 252, 292 nm
Stability: 2 years

When you buy 3-MMC (4-Methylmethcathinone, 4-MeMC) Crystal from us, you are guaranteed of the highest quality available on the market plus high purity, secure payment, very discreet, fast discreet delivery worldwide.

الأحد، 13 تشرين1/أكتوير 2019
Im, not much of a 3-MMC expert but I wouldn´t rate the stuff A+, but still, the quantity was even a little bit above and the quality was fine, especially for the price. All in all, I´d recommend the vendor if you are just looking for some cheap, decent 3-MMC
Hassan Ali

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